Wonderful collections are emerging as work at the George Fox University/Northwest Yearly Meeting Archive continues. This morning I held in my hands a diary begun in 1835 by a member of the Friends Church to document his faith and his work. Although in fragile condition, it is absolutely legible and written in a beautiful hand. A real treasure for researchers….

After two weeks, four collection-level descriptions – to DACS standards and NWDA/EAD-compliant – have been completed. We anxiously await July 1st when they can be uploaded to the NWDA database and be discovered by potential researchers. A survey of archival collections at both the Newberg and Tigard campuses has been completed. We’ve also ‘played’ in the Archivists’ Toolkit Sandbox – what a powerful tool! – and attended the first in a series of NWDA webinars presented by Jodi.

Next week we’ll identify additional collections to describe; the grant calls for six collection-level descriptions to be completed. Work will also begin on the advocacy portion of the grant, including a meeting with the University Provost and identification of other potential users of the GFU/NWYM Archive on campus.

Linda M-K