Posted by: Elizabeth Knight, Consulting Archivist

Two themes emerged this week: Archivists’ Toolkit (AT) and arrangement. AT, which is essentially an ILS for archival collections, has been dowloaded and fired up. It will be used at Puget Sound in this initial phase for creating accession records and description records for the 20 manuscript collections to be uploaded to NWDA later this year. A cataloger will be the point person for AT and students will be trained to enter location codes to start. Over time, AT will contain records for all the collections and record groups in the Archives and will simplify processing, creating descriptive records, and managing the collection.

In terms of arrangement, an existing collection classification system is being re-established and only slighty modified to improve physical control of materials. Some physical re-arrangement will follow once the current shelf list is mapped to the updated classification and container labels are updated. This will allow for faster retrieval of materials,  better reshelving by students, and accommodating collection growth.

I created a visitor registration log form and a materials request form to aid the control of collection use.

Finally, an overall plan and path forward broken down into phases and specific projects that can be completed by available staff and students is taking shape. Next week I talk with the librarians about curriculum integration.