Submitted by: Elizabeth Knight, Consulting Archivist, Orbis Cascade Alliance NHPRC grant project

A path forward is becoming clear and I am working closely with Library Director Jane Carlin to craft a plan through 2013 that describes specific projects and tasks that can be accomplished largely with existing staff and resource levels.

A new vision is emerging. An advocacy strategy is being crafted. And new outreach projects are being considered, like Emeri Corps, a pilot project to engage local emeritus faculty and staff in crafting academic department histories and collecting oral histories. Another idea is the New Traditions project which targets students and alumni and invites them to be more involved in crafting their legacy, enriching and customizing reunion events, and building archives history collections.

Archivists’ Toolkit is working well. Location codes for all collection areas have been inputted and a generic student account set up. Required DACS elements for 21 collections has been largely inputted, and a local cataloger is beginning to spawn description records.

I’ll be back at Puget Sound in March to present to the Academic Leadership Team, refine the master plan, and tweak other things as needed. Until then, three archives work-study students will be working away at a list of 9 projects that support the grant project and the master plan.