Submitted by: Elizabeth Knight, Consulting Archivist

I am working closely with Archivist/Librarian Adrienne Meier on:

  • codifying an arrangement scheme for the archives;
  • collecting metadata for their first batch of NWDA records;
  • surveying all collections (about 850 boxes but we’re applying MPLP);
  • developing a program development plan;
  • articulating access and use policies;
  • establishing a new processing workflow; and
  • implementing Archivists’ Toolkit.

We have created an Excel-based collection survey tool which we will be trying out over the next few days. We are developing an arrangement scheme based — as much as possible — on the arrangement found in existing indexes, directories and inventories of the collection. Prior to my arrival, temporary shelving was installed in an available room to hold a small portion of the collections (which are stored off-site). We will also be developing plans for a new archives research room which will be carved out of some space on the main floor. It will be a showcase for the archives with large windows and will contain the photograph and artifact collections, a scanning station, and space for researchers. We hope to have a big event around this new space next fall for homecoming. So far this week, I have also drafted a Deed of Gift donor agreement form, an institutional mandate document, and some initial components of the access and use policies.

Through the duration of this grant project we will share practical solutions and tools that are developed which can be utilized by other emerging archives. Jodi is creating a website which will contain sample templates, forms, documents, policies, procedures, checklists, and other useful tools and resources that are created as a result of this project.