Submitted by: Elizabeth Knight, Consulting Archivist

The new arrangement scheme of record groups and subgroups is pretty well set here at SPU. Adreinne and I are anxious to apply what we learned in Jodi’s excellent EAD webinar (which concluded this week) to the test. We will be creating about 17 collection-level records for upload to NWDA in July.

A major achievement this week was to consolidate and organize the archival collections which were stored in disparate locations in the library. The archives now has a new room with shelving space which we have put to great use. We have established spaces for an artifact collection, some film and media materials, stuff to be processed, and a number of odds and ends that had accumulated in Adrienne’s office. She is thrilled to have reclaimed some space in her office and have a dedicated space for storing and working with a portion of the SPU collections. (Most are now stored off-site but eventually, about half of the materials will be stored in the library.) We have also identified some under-utilized counter and shelf space in Tech Services that can be used (official permission pending) to store archival supplies and transfers.