Submitted by: Elizabeth Knight, Consulting Archivist

I begin this week with some input from SPU Archivist, Adrienne Meier. I asked her what were the two most useful things the Archives has gotten from particpating in this project. Here is her response:

Participating in the grant project has been valuable in many ways, but I can think of two that really stand out to me. The first is the amount of intellectual control I’ve been able to gain over the collection. Our current holdings are now organized into categories and I will be able to add all materials that I accession in the future to one of these categories. This is going to be extremely helpful to me as I answer questions and give access to students and researchers…and now I will have a much easier time organizing things.

The second most valuable thing to have come out of this grant project is the program development plan. I now have a clear picture of what I can and should do in the near future, and I have something tangible that I can take to my superiors to show them what the archives will be doing and what goals we have. It took a lot of work and discussion to come up with this plan but I am so glad to have it now!

A few other things that have been really helpful to me have been the practice accessioning collections and the practice with EAD. I also appreciated your help with the moving project as I decided which boxes to put in my new storage space.”

I will have two more days at SPU as part of this initial visit on March 14 and 15, so I will have another blog post next Friday. I missed two days here to return to the University of Puget Sound for a Board of Trustees visit to the Archives there and a meeting of the Academic Leadership Team. I think this time flexibility — and a small kitty of extra hours saved up for each institution to use at their descretion — are great features of this project.

This past week at SPU, I have been working closely with Adrienne the Archivist and University Librarian, Bryce Nelson, to finalize the institutional mandate document, which is expected to be signed by the President this spring.

SPU will be uploading 19 finding aids to the NWDA in July which will cover the bulk of their collections. Adrienne and I have also been developing and applying new accessioning and processing procedures. I have also received great input on the program development plan and Adrienne is crafting an exciting outreach plan through 2013. She is also eager to develop the photograph digitization workflow, which will be based on recognized standards and best practices. When I return for a follow-up visit in June, we will finalize it and she will be ready to apply it.

On March 15th, the final day of my initial site visit, I will be delivering the archives plan, required element data for many of the 19 finding aids, new workflows and policies, space plans, a new arrangement scheme, and other items.