Submitted by Elizabeth Knight, Consulting Archivist

I was back at Puget Sound this week for the first week of a two-week follow-up visit. The second part will be in May.  The Archives work study students have done great things during my absence, including mapping the shelf list to the record group/subgroup structure; labeling boxes with record group and subgroup numbers for the physical re-arrangement in April; reviewing and making suggestions for the Archives Manual; and polishing up a couple forms.

I led a training session with the work-study students on accessioning procedures, collecting NWDA element data, and creating accession records in Archivists’ Toolkit.

Patt Leonard, a cataloging and metadata specialist, got the NWDA browsing terms uploaded and generated resource records for 23 collections in Archivists’ Toolkit. I finished crafting abstracts for these collections and went through each record adding required elements as needed. I modified a DACS/EAD/NWDA/MARC required elements crosswalk document to include the Archivists’ Toolkit (AT) fields, which will help local staff going forward. We also added the ARK IDs to the records and the sponsor note. We look forward to trying out the AT-to-NWDA tool which our friends at OSU are developing which will clean-up the AT EAD output so it is more NWDA-friendly.

Library Director Jane Carlin and I met to discuss the program development and outreach plans, both of which I will develop further based on her input. She and I met with supervisors in Technical Services to clarify the role of a cataloger in finding aid creation. Yesterday afternoon, I gave a presentation for the Collins Library staff on the grant project, NWDA, Archivists’ Toolkit and future plans and ideas for the Archives.  I am finishing up some paperwork and document revisions today and will be back at SPU next Monday and Tuesday to finish up the initial site visit. As usual, it has been a busy and productive week. Every hour counts in this project!

Stay tuned and let me know if you have gotten any new ideas or insights into your Archives based on what you have read in this blog.