Submitted by: Elizabeth Knight, Consulting Archivist

It has been a busy and productive week wrapping up the bulk of my time allotted for University of Puget Sound. I presented a hands-on processing workshop with the library staff members most involved in the Archives and the lead work-study student. The students and I also finished up the physical re-arrangement of the archives from its former subject-based organization to one based on the new record group structure.

I also worked with Patt Leonard, the Cataloging/Metadata Specialist here, who is the lead for Archivists’ Toolkit and creating finding aids. Puget Sound will be uploading 27 finding aids in July. She and I produced the last few and I reviewed all records. She will run them through the AT2NWDA converter in the next couple weeks. After Jodi’s review, they will be ready for upload!

Finally, I made a few small tweaks to the program development plan and some other documentation. I fleshed out the Archives Manual a bit more, and got all the final versions of my work in order and ready to deliver to Jane Carlin later today. This project is all about supporting and building emergent archives, so all our work is being posted on the NWDA website: Use what you like!

Today, Jane is hosting a Archives celebration lunch for the staff, students and volunteer who have done so much to make this project a success. The University of Puget Sound Archives now has the groundwork laid — and a clear plan — to move forward with their archives program.

With the few hours I have remaining for Puget Sound, I will return in the fall for one more hands-on Archives workshop with the work-study students and then a final, brief visit in early 2012 to assess progress and tweak the plan one final time.