Submitted by: Elizabeth Knight, Consulting Archivist

This week, I made up two days that I missed at SU attending the Northwest Archivists annual meeting in Helena, Montana last month. I finished up an intial draft of the program development plan and worked closely with Mary Sepulveda, Jeff Winter and Rick Block on the finding aids. They are getting the hang of the process and are crafting good abstracts, scope and content notes, and biographical/historical notes. The four of us also particpated in Jodi’s Advanced EAD webinar. I’ll return to SU July 4-8 to finish up the finding aids, do the upload, and celebrate with the library staff. As with the other institutions, all my work done to date for SU will be posted on the NHPRC project website:

I spent today at Seattle Pacific University with Adrienne Meier training her on using Archivists’ Toolkit. She had already created some user records and a repository record. Today, she learned to create Accession Records and Resource Records. She also now knows how to get ARK IDs from the NWDA Utility Site, and how the NWDA elements map to the AT fields. We also uplooaded some of the NWDA browsing terms and accessioned some odds and ends she received recently. I’ll return to SPU in mid-June for a week of follow-up, then a half-day in July for the upload, and the second week of follow-up in late August. They are making great strides on many fronts with their archives program at SPU. Good work, Bryce Nelson and Adrienne Meier!

I won’t be on site anywhere for the next few weeks so I probably won’t have a blog post for a while. Enjoy the spring and let me know what you think of these posts and how I can improve them.