CU is currently out of session and the campus quiet, but it’s been a busy week working with the archival collections. Nolan Bremer and I have been working with Archivists’ Toolkit, learning to properly enter collection information to meet the standards set by both DACS and NWDA’s Best Practices. We’re currently running the anticipated 45 finding aids through the AT conversion tool and the compliance checker, then Nolan will upload them to the NWDA site when CU officially becomes a member on July 1st.

The week’s activities also included working with volunteers in the Center for Volga German Studies, located on the third floor of the CU library. The CVGS holds a variety of materials, including books, oral history interviews, photographs, maps and manuscript materials pertaining to the Volga German experience. The volunteers are learning basic arrangement and description for the photos and manuscripts; six of their finding aids will be included in the July upload.

Upcoming activities include finalization of both the Policy & Procedures and Outreach & Development documents. University Librarian Brent Mai, Nolan and I had an excellent meeting yesterday with Reference and Instruction Librarians Judy Anderson and Krista Reichard where we brainstormed various avenues for outreach, including curriculum development, for the collections. Many of the suggestions will be included in the final O&D document.

Submitted by Linda MK