It’s been another productive week at GFU as additional finding aids were written and encoded, and now await that rapidly-approaching membership date of July 1st. This week we concentrated on several of the larger collections held in the Archives and continued to work with Oxygen Text Editing software. Library staff members took part in a lively question and answer session about the Archives and NWDA, and contributed many ideas for the advocacy and outreach report. We also took a preliminary ‘tour’ of Archivists’ Toolkit and look forward to becoming one of the first members to take advantage of the new hosted service through NWDA.

Speaking of tours, Zoie and I visited the historic Hoover-Minthorn House Museum, located several blocks from campus. Herbert Hoover spent much of his childhood in Newberg, living with his Aunt Laura and Uncle Henry Minthorn. Dr. Minthorn served as Superintendent of Friends Pacific Academy (now GFU) for several years and Hoover attended the Academy. Both the GFU Archives and the Minthorn Museum hold archival materials related to Herbert Hoover and look forward to future collaborations.

All project documents will be finished by the end of the day and posted to the project website: As always, comments and suggestions are welcome.

Submitted by Linda MK