It has been a great pleasure to be back in the company of my friends at the Lemieux Library and McGoldrick Learning Commons. Seattle University is now a member of NWDA and has uploaded 20 finding aids. Twenty MARC records have also been uploaded to WorldCat. I commend Mary Linden Supelveda, Rick Block and Jeff Winter for their hard work, attention to detail, impressive organization and team spirit. Congratulations. I have also spent the week developing an advocacy and outreach plan and refining the program development plan. I will be back in late October for the final week of my follow-up visit.

University of Puget Sound successfully uploaded eight records to NWDA. Patt Leonard and I have been burning up the phone lines and email as we work through the process of generating finding aids using AT. An additional 19 finding aids will be uploaded next week.

Finally, I am off to Seattle Pacific University this afternoon to oversee the upload of at least five finding aids. Adrienne Meier has been hard at work learning Archivists’ Toolkit and finalizing the finding aid records. A total of 19 finding aids will be uploaded by next week.

Congratulations to all three institutions on their NWDA membership and finding aid uploads. It is nice to have something to show for all their hard work over the past few months.