Archivist Eva Guggemos and I spent this week continuing to enhance the existing accession records and estimate we’re about 62% through the collection. We’ve been working with an Excel spreadsheet but are about ready to import the accession information into Archivists’ Toolkit, which was installed last week. We’ve also created four resource records in AT, based on finding aids created by several student workers over the past year, and are ready to send Pacific University’s first contributions to the NWDA database.

Work has also progressed on a detailed accession and description manual, which will be used primarily by the Archives’ work-study students. In addition we’re starting to discuss ideas for the advocacy and outreach portion of the grant. With school starting next week, it’s been rewarding to already see professors visiting the archives in search of ideas for student assignments and also a reporter and photographer from Pacific Magazine searching out photographs to enhance an article on Pacific’s Black Student Union.

The collections here continue to amaze. The Archives holds several original Oregon Trail diaries, the original founding documents for both Tualatin Academy and Pacific University, and earlier this week I was holding in my hands a book that had belonged to Henry H. Spalding. Researchers will find a rich body of source material here pertaining to the early missionaries, pioneers, and development of education in Oregon Territory.

Submitted by Linda MK