Earlier this week Archivist Eva Guggemos successfully imported over 450 accession records into Archivists’ Toolkit from an earlier FileMaker database. At this point in the project, nearly 70% of those accession records have been enhanced with robust descriptions and are now fully searchable. AT has already been successfully used to locate archival material for several drop-in researchers. The week’s accomplishments also included the creation of 11 resource records that have been uploaded as EAD finding aids to the NWDA site. Additional finding aids will be uploaded in the near future.

Work has begun on physical re-arrangement of the archives storage area, beginning with a new shelf numbering scheme. The collection survey document has been completed, as has an accession and description manual. Discussions have also been held on various outreach and curriculum integration ideas.

During the follow-up visit in October, we expect to finalize re-arrangement of collections in storage and spend more time discussing and implementing a fully-formed advocacy plan. As part of those discussions, we’ll consider how to best recommend the establishment of a formal university-wide mandate to collect and preserve institutional records.

Submitted by Linda MK