Today signals the end of my follow-up visit to Pacific University in Forest Grove. It’s been a productive two weeks with lots of accomplishments:

• 28 finding aids, most at the collection-level, have been uploaded to NWDA;
• 385 robust accession records – 78% of the total collection – have been created in Archivists’ Toolkit (AT);
• 3 project documents have been finalized, including the collection survey, accession and description manual, and advocacy and outreach suggestions (all will be uploaded to the project website within the next few days);
• several work study students have gained experience in accessioning and entering data into Pacific’s instance of AT; and
• Archivist Eva Guggemos and I had a fun and productive day at the 2nd annual Portland Archives Crawl last weekend.

Thanks go to Eva and University Library Marita Kunkel, plus all the others working the Library, for their hospitality and assistance. It’s been a pleasure working with everyone.

Submitted by Linda M-K