Work has been completed at Linfield College, signaling the end of on-site work for all institutions involved with this grant. At Linfield, activities this week revolved around advocacy, including meetings with Dean of Faculty/VP for Academic Affairs Susan Agre-Kippenhan, library staff, and Interim Co-Dean of the School of Nursing Pam Wheeler. All were brought up to date on grant activities and took part in discussing future activities.

This final week also saw Linfield College take advantage of NWDA’s hosting services for Archivists’ Toolkit. AT was set up and the first seven (of 42) manuscript collections entered. In addition, four project documents were completed and will be posted to the project website.

I’d like to thank Susan, Rachael and the rest of the Nicholson Library staff for their hospitality during my six week visit. It’s been a pleasure and a privilege meeting and working with everyone.