Pacific University – Week 4

Earlier this week Archivist Eva Guggemos successfully imported over 450 accession records into Archivists’ Toolkit from an earlier FileMaker database. At this point in the project, nearly 70% of those accession records have been enhanced with robust descriptions and are now fully searchable. AT has already been successfully used to locate archival material for several drop-in researchers. The week’s accomplishments also included the creation of 11 resource records that have been uploaded as EAD finding aids to the NWDA site. Additional finding aids will be uploaded in the near future.

Work has begun on physical re-arrangement of the archives storage area, beginning with a new shelf numbering scheme. The collection survey document has been completed, as has an accession and description manual. Discussions have also been held on various outreach and curriculum integration ideas.

During the follow-up visit in October, we expect to finalize re-arrangement of collections in storage and spend more time discussing and implementing a fully-formed advocacy plan. As part of those discussions, we’ll consider how to best recommend the establishment of a formal university-wide mandate to collect and preserve institutional records.

Submitted by Linda MK


Pacific University – Week 3

Archivist Eva Guggemos and I spent this week continuing to enhance the existing accession records and estimate we’re about 62% through the collection. We’ve been working with an Excel spreadsheet but are about ready to import the accession information into Archivists’ Toolkit, which was installed last week. We’ve also created four resource records in AT, based on finding aids created by several student workers over the past year, and are ready to send Pacific University’s first contributions to the NWDA database.

Work has also progressed on a detailed accession and description manual, which will be used primarily by the Archives’ work-study students. In addition we’re starting to discuss ideas for the advocacy and outreach portion of the grant. With school starting next week, it’s been rewarding to already see professors visiting the archives in search of ideas for student assignments and also a reporter and photographer from Pacific Magazine searching out photographs to enhance an article on Pacific’s Black Student Union.

The collections here continue to amaze. The Archives holds several original Oregon Trail diaries, the original founding documents for both Tualatin Academy and Pacific University, and earlier this week I was holding in my hands a book that had belonged to Henry H. Spalding. Researchers will find a rich body of source material here pertaining to the early missionaries, pioneers, and development of education in Oregon Territory.

Submitted by Linda MK

Final week: Seattle Pacific University

Submitted by: Elizabeth Knight, Consulting Archivist

I am back at SPU this week finishing up the final week of my six weeks of time on-site.

Adrienne Meier, the SPU Archivist, and I met twice with Michael Paulus, the new University Librarian here, to discuss the grant project and the progress made. The Archives program has made great strides this year. Here is a summary of the accomplishments:

+ SPU joined Northwest Digital Archives in July along with the other participating institutions.
+To date, 20 EAD finding aids have been uploaded to NWDA. Adrienne is fully trained on this process and documentation of the procedure is completed.
+ A workflow for creating MARC records for archival collections is being implemented with two records published and more coming soon.
+Archivists’ Toolkit was installed locally and is being used for collection data management including accessioning and finding aid/MARC record creation.
+ An Archives Manual of policies, practices, forms and worksheets covering access and use, processing, and description has been completed.
+ A program development plan and advocacy/outreach plan has been developed to guide the continued growth of the program after the grant concludes.
+Adrienne has received one-on-one training on the core aspects of archival practice.
+Plans for the construction of a new research room on the Library’s lower level is proceeding.
+ On-site collection storage space has been consolidated and slightly expanded. (Approximately 80% of collections are stored off-site.)

The SPU Archives program is well on its way! Special thanks to Adrienne for all her hard work and great ideas.

Pacific University – Week 2

Archivist Eva Guggemos and I have spent the past week enhancing accession records for each of the Pacific University Archives collections. This builds on a previously-created File Maker database which held fairly brief descriptions. We’re about half-way through the collection at this point and will soon be able to upload the information to Pacific’s instance of Archivists’ Toolkit which was downloaded earlier this week.

As part of new faculty and staff orientation activities, the Archives hosted four tours earlier this week. We were also visited by a professor from the English Department looking for resource ideas for an upcoming course on ‘writing local.’ Many other curriculum ideas have also been discussed and will be integrated into Pacific’s outreach and advocacy document.

At the same time this NWDA grant is taking place, the Archives is also working on a LSTA-funded grant in collaboration with local libraries and heritage organizations to digitize historic photographs of the local area. Titled, “Washington County Digital Library,” the project expects to digitize (and create appropriate metadata) for some 6,000 images in its first year. The first batch of images should be available for viewing in the near future.

Submitted by Linda MK

Pacific University – Week 1

My visit to Pacific University in Forest Grove began just one week after the arrival of the Library’s new Archivist/Instructional Librarian, Eva Guggemos, so we’ve been learning about the collections together. Pacific has some of the earliest materials seen so far – a considerable body of documents dating to the 1840s and the establishment of Tualatin Academy/Pacific University, including correspondence, the school’s original charter from the Oregon Legislature, subscription lists, and land acquisition records. The history of Forest Grove is also represented in the holdings, as is the history of the Congregational Church in Oregon.

The Archives has brief accession information in a FileMaker database so our first task is to flesh out those records with additional information. This is in anticipation of uploading the records to Archivists’ Toolkit, hopefully next week. From there, we’ll select the collections that will receive a collection-level description and be uploaded to NWDA as part of this project. The Archives also has a fairly complete set of forms and processing instructions that we’ll review and update as necessary.

Next week we hope to be working in Archivists’ Toolkit and also visit Old College Hall (built in 1850) which houses the University’s Museum. The Museum and Archives have had a close relationship over the years, including sharing a staff member for several years.

Linfield College – Week 4

As of this morning, 42 collection-level MARC records for the Linfield College Archives – 40 updated from existing records and 2 new collections – have been posted to the Library catalog, Summit and WorldCat. Congratulations to Librarian Kathleen Spring and work study student Susie Sumkhu for their success in learning to apply DACS standards to collection descriptions!

Drafts of the project documents were also completed this week – collection survey, policy and procedures manual, and advocacy and outreach suggestions. These will all be posted to the project website later today. The manual, in particular, will need to be tested over the next several months and any necessary modifications or additions incorporated during the October follow-up visit.

The Linfield College Archives really is poised on the brink of an exciting future with its new initiative to develop an archive documenting the history of the Oregon wine industry. I look forward to meeting the new archivist and, hopefully, will be on-site when the first winery collection arrives later this fall.

In addition to Kathleen and Susie, I’d like to acknowledge Library Director Susan Barnes Whyte and work study student Kelsey Bishop for all their contributions over the past month.

Linfield College – Week 3

Linfield College has posted a part-time archivist position which will remain open until August 15th. This is an exciting opportunity with a wide variety of tasks – from supervising work study students and interns to outreach with the local wine community. Click here for details.

Work study students Susie and Kelsey, Librarian Kathleen Spring and I began working with the collections themselves this week, after spending the first two weeks setting up the new (draft) policies and procedures. Linfield is initially posting updated MARC records so we’ve been enhancing existing records to be DACS-compliant, assigning collection numbers, labeling boxes, developing a workflow and, generally, reorganizing the remodeled storage area.

The International Pinot Noir Celebration meets on the Linfield campus next week so we’re hoping to have a few visitors stop by to see the new home of the Oregon Wine History Archives.

Submitted by Linda MK